Credit Union Ex-employee Guilty of Debt Fraud

Consumers trust banks and credit unions with their personal information every day, never dreaming that those employees could use it to attempt to give them fraudulent credit card debt.

But according to a report from the Arizona Republic, such an occurrence recently happened at the Arizona Federal Credit Union in Mesa. A former employee was arrested for using a customer’s personal information to illegally obtain credit cards.

The report said that the victim received a call from Bank of America thanking her for applying for a new account online despite the fact that she hadn’t done so. A quick check of her credit report found that someone had used her name, date of birth and Social Security number to send a card to a different address. She soon discovered the address belonged to a credit union employee who had helped her refinance her home months prior. She quickly contacted police and the institution to alert them to the crime.

Any consumer who believes they have been the victim of identity theft should, in addition to notifying law enforcement, also call all three credit bureaus and have them put fraud alerts on their reports.

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