Creditors still not entirely honest with terms and conditions

While new credit card legislation has brought more restrictions on issuers and protection from credit card debt for consumers, the Associated Press reports that not all companies are still being honest. The latest study by assessed the 10 largest credit card issuers on how clearly they disclose their terms and conditions. Companies lost points in the study if consumers had to click to another page to find further information. The results showed that most were consistent on disclosing information on annual fees and interest rates. However, notes that there was plenty of gray area on balance transfer fees and rewards points. Unless they are cash-back cards, the study determined that it was hard to gauge just how much rewards points are worth on regular memberships. Of the credit card issuers studied, Bank of America and Capitol One displayed the best clarity of terms and conditions, according to the AP. Consumers are advised to monitor their credit closely to keep track of any changes companies may make to lines of credit, interest rates or fees.

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