Cutting medical costs can aid those looking for debt help

There are a number of ways consumers can find some debt help, including trying to cut back on how much they pay on their medical expenses.

Recently, Dr. Devon Herrick, who is a senior fellow at the National Center for Policy Analysis, wrote of ways consumers may be able to limit the effect medical expenses have on their personal finances. For example, this is the time of year when consumers should review the health plan offered by their employer.

Furthermore, consumers should make sure they shop around when it comes to things like medical procedures and prescription drugs.

“Call different labs in your area and check prices for both cash and your insurance plan’s negotiated rate,” Herrick wrote.

One resource consumers may turn to is the internet, which can not only inform them about different medical conditions but can also help them save through price comparisons.

Doing so may cut back on costs as more consumers are having a hard time paying off medical bills. A recent study from Harvard University showed that 62 percent of bankruptcies filed in 2007 were caused because of medical expenses.

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