Debit card challenges credit cards with cash back reward

Consumers who shy away from credit cards may have been missing out on large cash back rewards programs. Now, there is a debit card available that will allow users to be rewarded for their purchases.

PerkStreet is offering 2 percent back on purchases made with their debit card as long as at least $5,000 remains in their checking account.

The nice reward may be welcomed by those who use debit cards to help manage their money and stay out of credit card debt, but consumers should watch out for ATM fees.

“Once customers move their accounts to Perk Street, they will find no branches and none of their own ATM’s, though the company has teamed with an ATM network that has 37,000 surcharge-free machines around the country,” reports the New York Times. “Customers might also see hiccups in service quality if Perk Street grows quickly as a result of its 2 percent gambit.”

People who decide to increase their debit card use to benefit from rewards programs will find that they have increased protection under the CARD Act. Banks are prohibited from charging overdraft fees without consumer consent.

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