Encouraging corporate wellness in the office

Recent studies have shown that office workers are susceptible to a number of health conditions due to long hours of sitting, looking at a computer screen and using a keyboard.

Because of the risk these conditions pose to workers, companies could cut costs by making investments and enforcing healthy practices in the workplace.

Both small and large businesses can take a number of steps to help ensure their workers are healthy and productive and to avoid common problems relating to carpal tunnel syndrome and obesity. Corporate Wellness Magazine suggests employers allow their workers to take regular stretch breaks, or stand for part of the day. By implementing these programs, companies may be able to reduce the chances of an employee will file for costly compensation claims.

Additionally, this will decrease overall health insurance costs at the company, helping the organization’s bottom line, the news source says. According to the Wellness Council of America, ergonomic workplace programs reap $3 worth of benefits for every $1 of investment.

As a result, employers could see huge benefits from designing a healthier office environment, which may include changing the types of chairs, keyboards and other equipment commonly found in the workplace.

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