Expansion of municipal services could allow for credit card payments

Many cities and towns across the country are expanding the way in which consumers can benefit from enhanced municipal programs. Among those improvements could be programs that allow people to take on credit card debt for everyday services.

According to a report from industry news service Government Computer News, while many cities and towns have greatly improved things like the broadband wireless internet they provide and enhanced surveillance, some aspects of their municipal services have remained stuck in the 20th century. For example, it said, cities could begin allowing consumers to use their credit cards to pay for services like street or municipal lot parking.

The report said that many cities are losing revenue by not implementing up-to-date parking meters that can accept credit card payments. In some cases, they may never collect fines from parking tickets, or consumers might park in an empty spot while there is still time left on a meter. Implementing such a system might change that.

Even if cities don’t want to install individual parking meters, some have taken to using centralized kiosks to process parking fees for entire blocks.

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