Fair Housing Month 2014, Part 2: Protecting your rights

Learn where to go to lodge complaints and hear about the Fair Housing Act in action.

In Part 1 of our National Fair Housing Month video series, we talked about the history of the legislation and the seven protections guaranteed under the Fair Housing Act.
Still, what do you do if you think you’re being discriminated against? How do you fight back?

We talk again to Rita Scott from H.O.P.E. to learn about the organizations people can reach out to if they feel like they’re facing discrimination – particularly here in our home base of South Florida.


We agree with Rita – the story is inspiring because it shows everyday people getting ahead because of this essential piece of legislation. You always hear about how laws are supposed to protect your rights against businesses that don’t want to play by the rules, but it’s easy to think that you don’t have any recourse. This story shows that you do.

What to do if you think you’re facing discrimination

Every municipality (usually by city or county) has its own department that takes housing discrimination complaints. So the first thing you should do is contact the local office in the area where you faced the discrimination.

For example, here in our home county of Broward, there is the Broward Human Rights Division. You should be able to find numbers for municipality on your city’s website or just contact the main office to ask who you need to speak with to move forward.

If you’re not quite ready to lodge a formal complaint or you have questions, you can also contact organizations like H.O.P.E. to learn more or you can contact any HUD-approved housing counseling agency, like Consolidated Credit. A certified housing counselor can help you determine if you’ve face discrimination and give you steps to follow to lodge your complaint.

Video by: Dylan Bouscher


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