Five tips to save on summer travel

With kids out of school and the weather warming up, many families choose to go on vacation during the summer months. 

However, this can be difficult for families with a lot of credit card debt, as they don't want to fall behind on payments just to go on a trip. Luckily, there are many ways to save on a summer vacation that can leave people with plenty of money to put toward their credit cards. 

Flying during off-times

Many families choose to fly out during the weekend to limit the amount of workdays they miss. This could be costing them money, as the high volume of people looking to travel during these days allows airlines to charge more money. That being said, those looking to save money on airline tickets should be open to departing in the middle of the week. Doing this could save families hundreds of dollars, and allow them to not feel guilty about going on vacation while having a large debt load. 

Choose an all-inclusive resort

One of the biggest expenses while on vacation will be food and drink. To help cut down on these costs, families may want to consider going to an all-inclusive resort. These types of vacations allow people to pay one price up front that covers the cost of a room, food and drinks for the entire vacation. While it may seem like a lot to pay at first, it typically saves people money as opposed to a vacation when they have to eat out for every meal. 

Book a bundle

Travel sites, such as Expedia and Priceline, offer vacation packages that are essentially a bundled trip. Using this option may help families save money, as it allows them to book a hotel, flight and rental car all at the same time as opposed to booking them separately. Purchasing all three of these together can potentially help families save a couple hundred dollars on their trips. 

Don't be dead set on a beach vacation

Most families choose to visit beach resort cities and towns during the summer, which can lead to these areas being more expensive. To save some money, people may want to consider visiting a non-beach city, such as New York or Boston. During the summer, hotels in these cities are often in need of customers so good deals can be found. 

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