Float Money LLC Announces Partnership with Consolidated Credit and KOFE

Float Money LLC (Float) announces a new partnership with Consolidated Credit and its education portal KOFE: Knowledge of Financial Education; to provide financial education tools and counseling.

Starting in August, Consolidated Credit, a national credit counseling agency, and KOFE will offer an array of financial literacy materials and resources to Float. Together, Consolidated Credit and Float will focus on a common goal of promoting financial health through education and responsible money management.

“We are excited to offer the KOFE program to our members,” said Shane Hadden, CEO of Float. “Financial literacy and budgeting are critical to financial health. With KOFE, our members will have the resources that they need to get the most out of Float and improve their financial life.”

“Through this partnership, Consolidated Credit will be able to work alongside a dedicated company who shares a commitment to financial health,” said Gary Herman, president of Consolidated Credit. “This is an exciting opportunity to reach consumers who may benefit greatly from learning more in depth about financial literacy and money management.”

Consolidated Credit’s clients will have the ability to join Float’s innovative program and grow financially with the help of both services. Float members will have access to KOFE’s services including KOFE scheduled webinars and counseling from certified financial counselors.

About Float Money LLC: Founded in 2011, Float is an online lender focused on improving their members’ financial health by leveraging an asset every consumer has – their shopping loyalty. Float offers general-purpose interest-free loans to members who do their shopping for everyday items through the Float network of merchants. This network of over 1,000 online and local merchants includes top national brands, boutiques, groceries, restaurants and gas stations. For more information, visit https://www.floatmoney.com.

About Consolidated Credit: Consolidated Credit is one of the nation’s largest credit counseling and has helped over 5 million people with financial issues. Their mission is to assist families throughout the United States in ending financial crisis and solving money management problems through education and professional counseling. Visit ConsolidatedCredit.org for more information.

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