FLS Deploys Mediation Tool for Housing Counseling

Online video has become the most powerful tool for effective mortgage loan mediation.

Financial Literacy Solutions LLC (FLS), a firm that uses the power of the Internet and the accessibility of video to provide an effective communication channel for loan originators and servicers that educates consumers about mortgage options, announced today that the company has been chosen to provide a video solution for loan mediation to Consolidated Credit, the nation’s second largest non-profit credit counseling agency.

“As more states across the nation enact regulations that require mediation as part of the default process, we have seen demand for our services rise dramatically,” said Joe Cvelbar, director of Consolidated Credit’s housing division. “We have found that video enables our clients to learn about the mediation process in the way they want to learn, making it easier for them to understand the material and share it with spouses or partners who did not participate in the original counseling session.”

The mediation education center offers a web-based solution with 14 custom videos and a series of automated forms and materials that enable the borrower to learn about the mediation process.

“Most consumers don’t understand what mediation is. The videos deliver the message that the mediators are professional third parties that help the lender and borrower come to a solution,” said Garth Graham, President of FLS. The solution has been available for over a year and has generated solid results at a very low cost.

“In addition to the consumer educational benefits, the video solutions from FLS have contributed to a substantial improvement in our productivity,” said Cvelbar. “For borrowers who have reviewed our education center the average talk time has been reduced 20%. We are constantly seeking out ways to better leverage our call center resources and improve the experience for our clients. We also embrace technologies that enable us to provide measurable educational benefits to consumers. FLS’s video solution has been instrumental in helping us meet these objectives.”

FLS partners with financial institutions and community-based organizations to provide financial education to consumers as they face the challenges of today’s economy. Currently, 80% of adults in the United States agree they would benefit from more financial education. Online video is fast becoming the most powerful tool to achieve a better working knowledge of their financial lives. More Americans are learning via online video and it has shown to be a medium with which they are very comfortable.

Consolidated Credit, founded in 1993, is one of the nation’s largest credit counseling organizations in the country and has helped over 5 million people with financial issues. Their mission is to assist families throughout the United States in ending financial crisis and solving money management problems through education and professional counseling.

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About Financial Literacy Solutions:
Financial Literacy Solutions provides Internet video learning solutions targeted to the financial services industry. The company’s flagship product is the “Interactive Video Solution” (IVS), which allows clients to quickly deploy any of the company’s 200+ financial education videos for up-to-the-minute educational video information for their borrowers, all through their existing websites. The videos are available in English and Spanish and are accessed over 300,000 times annually, providing over 10,000 hours of online video education to consumers each year. Completely branded and customized solutions can be deployed in days, allowing FLS clients to better educate their customers through the Internet. For more information, contact Garth Graham at 954-325-7816.

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