Foreclosure relief applications require preparation

While many consumers across the country currently qualify for the federal government’s foreclosure relief programs, such as the Making Home Affordable initiative, some may be hurting their efforts to evade eviction by not keeping their financial documents in order.

Among the important documents that are required for the application process are completed and signed copies of the paperwork, as well as applicable tax forms from the Internal Revenue Service.

Consumers can enhance their applications by attaching pay stubs from their most recent earnings. In addition, individuals can also include recent bank statements, tax returns and utility bills.

Individuals who own multiple properties, have boarders or currently achieve their earnings through self-employment or Social Security may also have to fill out additional forms. Homeowners should also remember to add telephone numbers and email addresses where they can be reached for follow-up conversations.

By taking the time to fill out and review all the applicable sections of these documents, consumers can decrease the likelihood their submission will be rejected due to errors and ensure they are being judged for these funds based on the correct information.

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