Watching out for fraud part of money management

When it comes to managing credit cards, consumers need to do more than just be careful about racking up debt. Cardholders must be diligent and monitor who has access to their card information.

Thieves placed credit card skimming devices at gas pumps in California, according to California newspaper the Auburn Journal.

Sheriff’s detective Jim Hudson told the paper that thieves typically select pumps that are close to the road and out of the station clerk’s sight.

It’s too early to know just how many people may have fallen victim, Hudson told the paper. Investigators believe that the skimming mechanisms were in use for three weeks.

“We are aware that Folsom police department has multiple victims in their jurisdiction,” said Hudson “We won’t know until reports start coming in the days and weeks after the incidents occur.”

If a consumer ever thinks that their private information has been compromised, they should immediately contact the three credit bureaus and set up fraud alerts, says the Privacy Rights Clearinghouse. It can take time for criminals to begin fraudulently using credit card information so it’s important for consumers to closely monitor their credit report as well.

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