Fraudsters used fake credit card for cash and products

A fraud ring that has ripped off banks and businesses in seven states for thousands of dollars was indicted in Colorado after months on the loose. A Colorado grand jury indicted six people who were making fake credit cards and using them to steal money and merchandise in Colorado, Illinois, Missouri, Nebraska, North Dakota, Utah and Wisconsin. According to a report from Denver television station KMGH, the criminals would go into a business and use phony credit cards to ask for cash advances or try to pay for merchandise. The station said the group stole $65,000 in cash and products from a number of banks and businesses. When employees were unable to authenticate the card, they would call the 1-800 number on the back and talk to another conspirator. The person on the other end would explain how to complete a manual override and free up the necessary funds. According to a report in the San Francisco Chronicle, all six of the people indicted hailed from Oakland, California, and traveled the Midwest and Mountain states committing their crimes since at least late 2009.

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