Google may target ads based on credit scores

Now having a good credit score may affect more than a person’s ability to get a loan.

According to a recent report from, Google has been testing its ability to target advertisements based upon a person’s credit score. Doing so would allow Google’s advertisers to target certain services and products to people who have a higher credit score.

“Let’s say we have an advertiser who wants to reach consumers with a high FICO score who applied for mortgages in the first quarter. We can provide the advertiser with a list of websites on our Google content network that index against this segment,” Masha Korsunsky, Google’s senior industry marketing manager for financial services, told MediaPost.

If implemented, a number of different companies could take advantage of the targeted-marketing strategy. Along with offering credit cards to people with good credit scores, makers of high-end products could make use of the service.

The report stated Google has partnered with research firm Compete in examining targeted advertisements based on credit scores.

Whether people may see ads aimed at those with good credit scores may be affected by recent rule changes announced by the Federal Trade Commission. The new rules would require credit information furnishers to include additional information, which will increase the accuracy of credit reports.

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