Google Wallet moves closer to reality

A large number of companies in several industries are now working together in an attempt to promote widespread acceptance of mobile payments made with smartphones, and Google’s entry is gaining steam.

Google Wallet, the mobile phone payment service launched by the Web search giant, will allow consumers to load their credit or debit card information onto smartphones and wave the device over a sensor to make a purchase, according to a report from the San Jose Mercury News. However, there are some obstacles to adoption of this payment method.

“[T]here is a huge gap between online mobile and the offline world,” Daniel Mattes, founder and chief executive officer of mobile payment company Jumio, told the newspaper. “It’s really overdue that there is new technology to make it really simple and secure. The technology is simply ready. It’s a great movement, especially for the consumer.”

One concern many consumers have expressed about this type of transaction is that it may be less secure than current methods, though many experts say that making a payment with a mobile phone is likely to be as safe or safer than swiping a credit card.

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