Google Wallet service said to be secure

Some consumers have expressed concerns over the safety of using a smartphone enabled with near-field communication technology to deal with credit card debt, but Google says that its new digital payment service is more secure than traditional purchases.

Google Wallet, the new mobile card payment service from the ubiquitous tech giant, is said to be considerably safer for consumers to use than typical cards due to the technology involved, according to a report from the International Business Times. For example, the chip that sends the payment data cannot be tampered with because it self-destructs when removed from the device, and is only active when transmitting information.

“There’s 16-numbers and a 3-4 digit code that controls your access to money with credit cards, that’s kind of crazy,” Lookout Mobile Security chief technology officer and co-founder Kevin Mahaffey told the news site. “With digital wallets, there’s strong cryptograph and a lot of innovation to detect fraud on these devices.”

Several studies have shown that consumers are overall willing to adopt digital wallet payment methods, but have said their primary fear is whether their information would be easier to access.

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