Hackers target hotels, compromise account to cause debt problems

Credit card hacking has become popular at hotels around the world as consumers willingly provide their personal data to make charges at restaurants and for other amenities during a stay. According to ABC-7 in Los Angeles, a study found that 38 percent of compromised accounts were accessed through the hotel industry. When information falls into the wrong hands, it can result in unexpected credit card debt for victims.

Consumers have more control than they know over how much of their information is shared while on vacation, ABC-7 reports. Tokenization, a data encryption method, is a new proactive measure consumers can take to make sure their personal data is safe wherever a credit card is used. Upon being swiped, the card number becomes encrypted, keeping it hidden regardless of whether it falls into the wrong hands. ABC-7 also recommends using a debit card when possible and holding onto all ATM receipts.

When an account is compromised, it can cause debt and immediate credit score damage. As data theft becomes more common, consumers are advised to monitor their finances closely. Identifying unusual transactions on billing statements can help prevent fraud and stress in the future.

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