Hidden fees on top when it comes to annoyances

As consumers continue to deal with debt problems and budgeting, a recent survey shows that certain fees annoy them more than anything else.

According to the poll from Consumer Reports, hidden fees associated with accounts top the list of things that annoyed respondents. In order to conduct the survey, Consumer Reports asked respondents to rate annoyance on a scale from one to 10, and hidden fees came in with an overall mark of 8.9.

Following in a close second was the inability for consumers to reach a human being when contacting customer service, which came in at 8.6. Tailgating came in at third at 8.3, while cell phone use while driving had a score of 8.

The topic of fees has had a lot of play in the news recently, especially regarding credit card debt and bank accounts. For example, starting in February 2010 credit card lenders are going to be more limited in their ability to charge fees for accounts as a result of the Credit Card Accountability, Responsibility and Disclosure Act.

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