Higher paying jobs are often more stressful, says study

A new survey released by CareerCast.com has found the most and least stressful jobs undertaken by consumers in 2010, but also documented a difference in pay scale that may make consumers in need of income more willing to undertake more stressful positions.

According to the survey, which was released on Wednesday, some of the more stressful jobs noted by CareerCast.com included corporate executive, surgeon, commercial pilot, firefighter, and real estate agent.

On the other end of the spectrum, the least stressful jobs seen in 2010 were musical instrument repairer, medical records transcription, forklift operator, bookkeeper, and janitor.

However, while an initial reaction to the results may seem to show jobs with lower stress levels as more appealing, it also noted that those dealing with financial issues may be more conflicted in choosing a profession. While jobs such as janitor may be easier, they will also pay much less than a commercial pilot or surgeon, which are stressful but come with significant paychecks.

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