Holiday Shopping: Saving Old-School

The latest tech doesn’t always lead you to the best deals

In some grocery stores, the baggers still ask, “Paper or plastic?” When it comes to holiday shopping, the answer is “paper and plastic.”

Many Americans will use their credit cards to buy their gifts – and sadly, only 29 percent will do so “with the intent of paying the balance off in full,” says an American Express poll.

The rest will carry a balance, which could add hundreds or even thousands of dollars in interest and fees. So saving money on holiday shopping is a big priority. How are many Americans doing it? The old-fashioned way.

Only 15 percent of Americans are shopping with coupons or discount codes on their smartphones, says a survey – while 63 percent “present coupons from newspapers, mailings and other paper products.”

“Dead trees aren’t dead when it comes to coupons,” says Matt Schulz,’s senior industry analyst. “Plenty of Americans are still opening their snail mail and reading the Sunday paper.”

You might think those paper-lovers are older Americans, but advertising firm Market Track says that’s not so. Its own poll reveals…

60 percent of shoppers surveyed between the ages of 21-29 and 82 percent of shoppers over 60 years old ranked print circulars as one of the top media types they will use to find sales and deals this holiday shopping season.

If you want to max out your holiday savings instead of maxing out your credit cards, it makes sense to save any way you can. So don’t overlook these paper materials – because if many shoppers are still looking at them, you can be sure retailers are still listing good deals there.

Where else can you find great deals? Check out Consolidated Credit’s Holiday Survival Guide for more tips.

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