Holiday Shopping Tip: Sometimes Paying More Pays Back

Contributing to a favorite charity, buying green, avoiding the mayhem at the mall is worth the extra money.

We’ve all seen the news around the holiday shopping season. People lose their minds – they fight with one another and some people even get shot. Just to get the latest and greatest gadgets at the lowest prices.

But is the frenzy really about saving money and avoiding debt, or has it just become about getting the best deal?

According to a new study, 44 percent of people buy for themselves on Black Friday. That’s not saving — it’s spending more because you can get a good deal. So if you’re buying for yourself, then it’s really not about reducing your holiday spending.

In fact, in some cases you can do a little better for your bottom line by paying more to pay it forward. So how do you pay it forward?

  • Assist a charity that you consider important, such as Nike N7 collection, which will assist the American Indian College Fund. You can shop online with a credit card and miss the crowds. Payback: You’re donating to a charity that’s important to you, which is more in tune with the holiday spirit – even if it does cost a few extra bucks.
  • Take advantage of Cyber Monday. Forget the frenzied blitz of Black Friday and, unbelievably, Thanksgiving Day shopping. Payback: You can shop in the privacy of your own home and spend more time with your family during the Thanksgiving holiday. Plus you can still find great deals without fighting the crowds.
  • Take advantage of fee shipping. If you find a quality item such as a winter coat or piece of furniture, go for it, as long as you have it covered in your holiday budget.Payback: You’ll be purchasing an item that will last a long time, and save on shipping. It’s win/win.

Remember, this philosophy is only for a few items. You don’t want to overspend on the holidays and ring up credit card debt that you can’t possibly pay back.

If you’re having problems paying off debt and don’t know where to turn this holiday season, contact and have a certified credit counselor help you resolve your debt issues.

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