Information obtained illegally used for fraudulent credit card debt

A man posing as a police detective illegally obtained information about dozens of credit cards from a number of Pennsylvania restaurants, and used it to amass illegal credit card debt on other people’s accounts.

According to a report from Harrisburg television station WHP-TV, a man recently called a number of restaurants along the Carlisle Turnpike in Hampden Township, said his name was Officer Miller, and that he was conducting a fraud investigation.

As part of the phony investigation, he told the restaurants that he needed the information on every credit card account the business had run that day. According to the station, at least two restaurants fell for the scam and gave out the information on more than 80 accounts. Five of those credit cards have already been used to make fraudulent purchases in New Jersey.

Any consumer that suspects they have been victimized by identity theft should keep an eye on their statements to make sure there’s no credit card debt they don’t recognize, and to contact local authorities, including their police department and district attorney, to alert them to a potential problem.

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