Inner Fence now shipping credit card readers for the iPhone

A number of leading mobile service providers, including Verizon and T-Mobile, announced plans to integrate credit card data with smartphones in August. Now, software companies and mobile phone developers are beginning to unveil the new devices set to revolutionize the way Americans shop.

Inner Fence revealed this week that it has begun shipping credit card readers for the Apple iPhone. The device works like an adapter that clips onto the bottom of the phone, allowing users to swipe their plastic to make instant transactions. Inner Fence and their merchant partner, Merchant Focus, are giving business owners a merchant account as well, free of charge, while the piece itself is currently set at $79.

“We are excited to get the new credit card reader hardware into the hands of as many of our new and existing customers as possible,” said John Waldron, CEO of Merchant Focus.

The credit card data integration with smartphones is also aimed toward giving consumers an easier way to manage their accounts on the go. With access to these services, consumers can stay on top of their monthly payments and maintain their credit scores.

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