Intuit will launch its own mobile payment system

A major financial software company will soon launch a program that allows consumers to deal with credit card debt using their smartphones.

Intuit recently announced it would soon launch a new program known as GoPayment that will allow consumers who own smartphones with near-field communication technology to make mobile credit card payments, according to a report from the tech news site CNET. In addition, the system will also give small business owners to use it to accept payments, also using an NFC-enabled smartphone.

“With GoPayment we are exploring every avenue for innovation that best meets our customers’ needs, and this includes technologies such as NFC that are still in the early stages of adoption,” said Chris Hylen, vice president and general manager of Intuit’s Payment Solutions division, according to the news site. “Innovation is happening rapidly in the mobile payment space and we want to be ready to help the millions of small businesses and consumers we serve benefit from the latest technology.”

NFC payments are expected to be the next big thing in the credit card industry, as many consumers will likely adopt the technology as it becomes more widely available.

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