It’s financially possible to live without a credit card

Following the financial crisis, many Americans shied away from plastic out of fear of credit card debt. While some have since returned to credit, others are still living without a card. 

In certain aspects of life, consumers may struggle if they don't have a credit card, but it is certainly possible to live without one. When going on vacation, many people use their plastic to book rooms and flights, however, this isn't the only method that can be utilized. Debit cards from major networks, Visa and MasterCard, can be used in the same way as a credit card. 

But what about consumers who want to make major purchases? With plastic, people can simply charge their new big screen TV, but that option isn't available to those avoiding credit. That being said, consumers will need to save money to be able to make these types of buys, which can be beneficial in the long run. While it may take a longer time to be able to afford a TV or new furniture, using cash or a debit card eliminates any interest that would have been charged if a credit card was swiped to pay.

While credit cards can certainly make shopping more convenient, consumers don't need one to get by, and can actually save themselves money without plastic. 

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