Jobless workers finding it easier to get new jobs, survey says

Workers across the country who find themselves without a job are having better success in finding a new means of employment without having to wait for too long.

According to a new survey released Wednesday by, 51 percent of workers who have been laid off in the last three months have already been able to find new work in either full- or part-time positions.

“More than half of workers who were laid off in the first quarter have already found employment, primarily in full-time positions,” said Brent Rasmussen, president of CareerBuilder North America. “Not only is this a positive indicator for the labor market, it also shows that job seekers are being resourceful in their job hunts and are open to different types of opportunities.”

Of those able to regain a job, 40 percent said they were able to negotiate similar or higher salaries than they received in their previous position.

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