Kiplinger Editors Address Tax Planning in Free Live Web Chat

Many readers wonder what will happen with the tax system after the November elections. They wonder how their finances will be affected if the Bush tax cuts expire and who is at risk of paying higher taxes.

A tax increase would be devastating for middle class Americans who are struggling to make ends meet, but the good news is that under the Obama Administration those who make under $250,000 won”t pay higher taxes. Under Mitt Romney’s plan, taxes won”t increase, but many community services will be eliminated.

To address what tax moves readers can make amid all the uncertainty with the tax system, Kiplinger tax experts Kevin McCormally and Sandra Block will take questions Thursday, October 11, from 2 p.m. to 3 p.m. ET. You can submit your questions now by clicking make comment now on Kiplinger’s website. Don”t forget to join the conversation this afternoon!

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