Latinos Should Evaluate Situation before Purchasing Health Care

FORT LAUDERDALE, Fla –The Patient Protection and Affordable Care Act, upheld by the Supreme Court on June 28, will benefit more than 9 million Latinos who lack health insurance.

The reform will also ban insurance companies from denying access to individuals with pre-existing conditions or serious diseases. Consolidated Credit advises consumers to consider their financial situation before obtaining a new insurance plan or switching companies.

Not having insurance is the worst option: Individuals who don’t have insurance would need to obtain a plan by 2014 or pay a fine. Consolidated Credit recommends consumers obtain insurance; otherwise individuals could pay high medical bills and government fines.The most convenient option for consumers is to purchase insurance through their workplace. Individuals, whose incomes are below 400 percent of the poverty line, won”t pay a fine. Given that about 15 percent of the Latino population is below 400 percent of the poverty line, this sector will be exempt from paying the government fine and will receive subsidies.

Those between the ages of 27-64 should keep their insurance: Individuals who fall in this age range should keep the insurance provided by their employers. If for some reason, they are not satisfied with their current policy, they can purchase a new one through the insurance marketplace, a health insurance market where individuals can obtain competitive prices and government subsidies.

Twenty-six years and younger should stay on their parents’ insurance: Young people are one of the groups seriously affected by the economic crisis. After graduation this segment of the population has an average of $25,000 in student debt. For this reason, instead of incurring more debt, they should share insurance expenses with their parents.

For retirees Medicare is the best option: The reform has expanded benefits for those older than 65. According to Families USA, almost 6.4 million Latinos could obtain Medicare starting in 2014. Consolidated Credit recommends retirees to take advantage of Medicare before considering private insurance.

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