Mailing offers increase as U.S. consumer debt levels improve

Recent upturns in the economic outlook for the American economy have helped to create a new surge of direct mail marketing. The increase is particularly marked in the credit card and insurance industries, according to a study from Mintel Comperemedia.

That company’s senior vice president, Andrew Davidson, said that “a seasonal push for life and auto insurance and a more confident credit card industry are fueling this increase in mail. Offers for new credit cards have increased substantially compared to last year as the economy recovers and fewer customers default on their cards.”

Mintel Comperemedia reported that direct mail marketing volume in the first quarter of 2010 related to credit cards outstripped the previous quarter by more than a third, reaching 1.2 billion pieces sent. Insurance-related direct mail saw a more modest increase of 8 percent in the same time period, but the total volume was a whopping 2.6 billion pieces.

While recent economic indicators have been positive, most experts say that there is little hope for a more general recovery as long as unemployment remains elevated.

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