Major retailers attempting to ease credit card payments

Though the technology that will allow consumers to deal with credit card debt directly through their mobile phone is still some ways off from being widely adopted, many major national retail chains are now offering similar services for checkouts.

More companies, such as Nordstrom and Home Depot are now giving consumers the ability to check out without waiting in line at a register, instead using store-issued mobile devices, according to a report from ABC News. Nordstrom will roll out between 5,000 and 6,000 of these devices at its 116 full-sized locations throughout the country by July, and Home Depot introduced about 34,000 at its nearly 2,000 stores last fall.

“Customers have a broader definition of service. They have better tools, more info,” Nordstrom spokesman Colin Johnson told the news network. “We’re working hard to try to be more responsive to the customers who increasingly want to shop with their mobile device.”

However, consumers are also expected to heavily adopt near-field communication payments when the technology becomes widely available in smartphones issued by major manufacturers.

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