Majority of consumers say mortgage access is a problem

While many surveys are quick to identify the national deficit, consumer credit card use and the overall economy as major problems, a new study shows mortgage access is quickly climbing up the ranks.

Nearly four years since the beginning of the economic downturn, 70 percent of Americans view affordable mortgages as a serious problem, according to a study by

In addition, one third of survey respondents said understanding their mortgage was the most difficult part of the home buying process, putting it ahead of being accepted for a home loan and negotiating the sale price of a property.

“Over the past few years, a lot of buyers have had a hard time not only getting a loan but getting through the process,” said Sue Stewart, senior vice president at Move, Inc, which operates “This survey is a wake up call and clearly points to the fact that borrowers want a process that’s easy to understand and follow.”

The survey also indicated 20 percent of consumers now view getting accepted for a mortgage as more stressful than finding out if they were approved for a job.

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