Make the right moves when adjusting insurance plans to save money

The tumultuous economic year that was 2009 has left many families looking for any possible ways to get out of debt.

However, for those who may consider adjusting their insurance plans to reduce payments, the Insurance Information Institute has some tips on the proper ways to adjust one’s coverage without putting them in any type of financial risk.

When it comes to auto insurance, the institute warns against the temptation some may have to only sign on for the minimum amount of coverage required, saying that to do so could come back to haunt policy holders in the future.

“In today’s litigious society, buying only the minimum amount of liability means you’ll likely pay more out-of-pocket,” read a statement from the institute.

Instead, the institute suggests tailoring plans for different cars that may be owned by a family. For cars that are older and worth less than $1,000, dropping comprehensive/collision coverage is recommended.

Consumers who do not purchase a home and instead pay rent to live in their properties are also urged to consider taking out renters insurance, as its relatively low cost would cover any lost possessions and temporary living expenses in the event that an evacuation due to a disaster occurs.

Lumping a renter’s insurance plan into other auto and life insurance plans may provide some additional discounts as well.

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