Minnesota to begin accepting credit card payments for court fines

Consumers who have picked up fines from the Minnesota court system now have the option of taking on credit card debt to pay it off.

According to a report in the Rochester newspaper the Post-Bulletin, the court system in Olmstead County, one of the biggest in the state, will soon allow consumers to pay their court-imposed fines with a credit card either on its website or by using an automated phone system. The service is available for any citations that do not require a person to appear in court.

The paper said that this service is part of a campaign that will roll out a similar system statewide over the next two years, which will help the government both reduce its costs and improve service. This new system will be centralized at the state’s Court Payment Center, which will process 1 million payable citations a year from local courthouses. The entity will also house a new call center.

A number of industry experts have said that governments can see increased profits by allowing consumers to pay for municipal fines with credit cards.

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