Mississippi drivers can take on credit card debt when renewing license

In the state of Mississippi, at least, consumers no longer have to view a trip to the Department of Motor Vehicles as a time-consuming, excruciating exercise. Now drivers can get in and out in minutes just by taking on a little credit card debt.

According to a report in the Pascagoula newspaper the Mississippi Press, the state has installed kiosks that expedite the process of renewing a driver’s license in every DMV office and two county courthouses. The machines work by allowing a user to swipe both their credit card and old license. It then takes their picture and prints their temporary license. Most transactions are completed within two minutes.

“Given the option of standing in line or utilizing something as familiar as an ATM, I believe a lot of Mississippians will take advantage of this technology,” Governor Haley Barbour told the paper.

Many states and cities are now giving residents the option of using their credit cards to pay for fees and fines, which experts say gives them access to profits they may not have seen otherwise.

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