First Money Mantra Video Contest Winner

Sharing financial wisdom in a positive way is even more rewarding.

Andrew Chandler has an extra $100 to start the year after winning Consolidated Credit’s Money Mantra Video Contest. For the contest users were asked to create videos recording their personal money mantras. Although the contest only requires a simple selfie smartphone video submission to enter, Andrew went above and beyond with his entry.

Watch Andrew’s winning video for December:

Ohmmm… Drink plain coffee instead of cappuccinos and lattes. The money you could save in a year’s time might just be enough for a hefty emergency fund.

Why make a money mantra?

Developing a personal money mantra allows you to focus on a certain aspect of your financial life that needs your attention. It’s a positive message that helps you manifest good financial habits in your life. Instead of focusing on the negative and thinking about what you can’t do, you zero in on positive change you can create through action.

How to make a personal money mantra and submit it for a chance to win:

  1. Think about a positive financial change you want to make in your life.
  2. Create short sentence or saying that captures the spirit of that change.
    1. Short and simple is usually better, so your mantra can be easily repeated
    2. If you want, get into the spirit and start your mantra with an “Om”
  3. Practice your mantra a few times to make sure you have it down.
  4. Now record a selfie video or ask a friend to record you on a smartphone while you state your mantra to the camera.
    1. Adding props and production value to your video is not necessary
    2. However, if you want to add things to make your video more fun, creativity is always welcome!
  5. Now submit your video to us by following these instructions:

Winners are chosen each month. So there’s a new chance to win every few weeks. If you accomplish the goal related to your money mantra and you have a new mantra to share, send it to us, too! All submissions are welcome, unless you are an employee or family member of someone who works for Consolidated Credit. Visit our contest page for a complete list of rules.

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