Most think others spend too much on credit cards

While the vast majority Americans feel their credit card debt and spending is under control, they also feel that other consumers are being irresponsible with these accounts.

In a recent national poll, 71 percent of consumers said that they do not need to cut back on their credit card spending, while only 24 percent identified their own problems, according to Rasmussen Reports. Meanwhile, 86 percent believe others spend too much on their credit cards, and only 5 percent did not feel that way.

Meanwhile, 83 percent of respondents said they thought credit cards tempt consumers to buy items they could not afford, and 64 percent believe it’s too easy for consumers to get a credit card, the report said. Conversely, just 13 percent believe it’s too hard to obtain a new account.

Many Americans have returned to credit card spending in recent months as the effects of the national recession have abated, and more have found themselves on solid financial ground.

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