National Dollar Day

Whether you spend a dollar or save it, here are 25 ideas to mark the occasion.

Tomorrow is National Dollar Day – a day intended to celebrate the humble dollar bill that’s often neglected in a society that’s becoming increasingly digital and electronic. Still, even if you prefer to use bank or credit cards, cash bills are still the backbone of our financial world. What’s more, using paper money can actually help you avoid financial issues like overspending and interest charges on credit card debt.

With that in mind, our corporate financial wellness partners at KOFE (Knowledge of Financial Education) are running a campaign all day tomorrow (Saturday) on Facebook and Twitter that will give you 25 clever ways to either spend a dollar bill or save one throughout the day. The spending ideas can help you avoid overspending, while the saving ideas obviously keep those George Washingtons in your pocket.

For more great dollar-saving ideas, visit Consolidated Credit’s Smart Spending Tips section. You can also learn how to keep more dollars in your bank account with our Step-by-Step Guide to Saving. For business owners interested in providing financial wellness assistance to your employees, visit

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