Never Pay a Late Fee on Your Credit Card


Credit card debt is one of the most common ways consumers find themselves in financial trouble, and incurring multiple late fees can certainly contribute to a higher balance. There are many easy ways that people can avoid paying these pesky fees. 

Set up automatic billing

One of the best ways to avoid late fees is to set up an automatic billing feature through your credit card provider online banking portal. All you’ll need to do is provide them with a bank account that they can deduct the payment from and you’re all set. With your payment being made without you having to do anything, it will be impossible to incur a late fee unless your account doesn’t have sufficient funds to make the payment. 

Make the minimum payment when you get your bill

Another good method to avoid late fees is to make the minimum payment as soon as you get your bill. When it first arrives, you may not know how much you’ll be able to pay that month. This could result in you setting your bill aside and forgetting about it, which could lead to a missed payment. To avoid this, make the minimum payment when you get your bill and determine how much more you can put toward paying down your balance before your next billing period ends. 

Set up payment reminders

Some credit card providers offer email and text reminders through their online banking portal, which can help you make your payment on time and avoid late fees. If this option isn’t available to you, set up your own calendar reminders either on your smartphone or computer. When setting electronic reminders, you may want to create multiple ones just in case you miss one or a technical error happens. It could also be beneficial to mark down on your traditional calendar at home the day when your payment is due. 

Ask to move your due date

As a perk, many credit card providers have been allowing people to choose their own due dates. This could help you avoid missing a late payment by making your payment due at the same time you are paid. This will ensure that you have the funds available to make your payment. You may also be able to contact your provider and ask them if you can move your due date if you can’t afford it at a certain time. 


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