NFL, Barclaycard announce rewards program for credit card users

This past week, the National Football League and Barclaycard announced a new partnership and plans to unveil a credit card for football fans across the United States. The NFL Extra Points card will be exclusively offered by Barclays and give users the opportunity to earn points for team-specific rewards.

Depending on the team the user chooses, members will be able to redeem points to receive gifts ranging from memorabilia to game-day tickets. Cardholders will also receive a 20 percent discount at the NFL shop for official league gear at

Industry analysts expected credit card companies to become more aggressive in their marketing tactics with the Credit Card Accountability, Responsibility and Disclosure Act rolling into full effect. The new legislation has put restrictions on issuers’ means of profit, such as interest rates and fees.

Consumers considering signing up for the NFL Extra Points card should read all terms and conditions prior to applying. Those who do not have the financial means to repay the debt may suffer from credit score damage.

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