NFL star’s credit card may have been used fraudulently, police claim

Indianapolis Colts wide receiver Reggie Wayne has alleged that a former girlfriend of his has been illicitly drawing on his accounts, racking up credit card debts of $93,000, highlighting the necessity of taking steps to protect personal financial information.

Indianapolis Metro Police Sergeant Paul Thompson told the Indianapolis Star that “we have found that over approximately one year of time that $60,000 of cash and $35,000 of merchandise had been misappropriated by the use of a debit card or credit card number.” The Star reports that the woman has asserted that Wayne was fully informed of all activity on the credit card, but also that police say that she had told them a different story.

Wayne has been a crucial player for the Colts for years now, and is generally regarded as one of the league’s most consistent performers.

However, his celebrity status was clearly no defense against someone determined to misuse his identity for financial gain. Consumers should carefully monitor credit reports and keep personal financial information strictly private to avoid such problems.

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