Offering deals will lead more to adopt mobile credit card payments

Many consumers may not have the confidence in their finances to begin using their mobile phones to deal with credit card debt, but companies may soon offer bargains to entice these individuals to use the new systems.

Widespread acceptance of mobile credit card payment systems that utilize near-field communication technology will likely be contingent on exclusive deals that reward customers for using them, according to a report from the investment news site Venture Beat. Many consumers and even businesses have expressed concern about the security of this option.

However, it’s expected that many companies will allow consumers to not only load their credit and debit account information onto these systems, but also link them to store loyalty programs and give special discounts to these shoppers, the report said. By doing so, they hope it will convince consumers who are on the fence about the payment method to switch.

Currently, the mobile credit and debit card payment industry is worth very little relative to its expected value within the next few years, which has been estimated to be as high as $44 billion.

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