“Paperless ticketing” gives consumers greater control

The days of standing in line to get physical tickets for the biggest concerts and sporting events may soon be over thanks to the rise of paperless ticketing.

The system, which allows consumers to buy tickets online or in person but then use their credit card to gain entrance to the event, is just one of the many ways in which credit card use is becoming more diverse. According to a report in the Washington Post, all a consumer has to do is pay for a ticket to see their favorite concert or sports team with a credit card, then present that card and a photo ID at the gate to gain admittance.

The report said that ticket issuers like Ticketmaster and Veritix champion this new process as being able to dash consumers’ worries about losing their tickets or having them stolen. These tickets cannot be transferred from one person to another without the consent of the credit card holder, making it harder for consumers to be defrauded or ripped off.

New York State recently voted down a law that would have allowed venues to issue these tickets alone, as Governor David Paterson said it would be impossible to give tickets as gifts.

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