Paying for a subway ride only needs a card tap

Commuters who use New Jersey and New York’s buses and trains to get around will now be able to pay by tapping their credit card.

Instead of having to use separate cards for each of the transit systems or cash, riders can tap their MasterCard PayPass on special payment readers.

The trial will run for six months, during which only MasterCard will be accepted at the special readers. During the remaining four months, other credit cards equipped with the technology can be used.

“For our bus customers, particularly those who commute in New Jersey and New York every day, this program simplifies the cumbersome task of carrying multiple fare cards and makes the overall riding experience faster and more convenient,” says NJ Transit executive director Jim Weinstein.

Being able to tap a credit card to pay for even a small amount, like those charged on public transportation, may prove to be popular with riders. A third of consumers said that they prefer to use their credit card for purchases under $10, according to a study by the Financial Services Group at Lightspeed Research.

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