PCI Council sets new guidance documents for credit cards

PCI Security Standards Council, a global credit card industry standards body, released two new documents this week designed to assess the impact of emerging data security and modify language to the existing rules.

The Council, which is based in Wakefield, Massachusetts, sought to find the effects of new technology on payment card security. The resulting document was named PCI DSS and PA-DSS 2.0, a revision on an earlier document that was formed in order to create greater understanding among merchants who need to comply with the standards adopted by the council.

The second version begins a new cycle for the requirements, which are updated every three years. PCI also discussed P2P encryption technology – known as end-to-end encryption – that could help mask cardholder data from swipe-through data processing, according to SC Magazine.

The updated standards were approved by stakeholders at the Council’s Annual Community Meetings in Orlando, Florida, and Barcelona, Spain, earlier in the month.

The new standards set by the documents will go into effect on January 1.

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