Picking the right credit card for debt relief

In the last 30 years, Americans have increased their credit card debt by more than $5 billion, rising from $95 million in 1981, to $5.4 billion this September.

However, a new report suggests that for the average consumer debt, relief may be as simple as picking the right credit card. By picking a card that compliments one’s spending habit, consumers could help their budgeting.

High transactors, or people who make frequent purchases while paying off cards, may benefit from flight, cash and other rewards programs, Stuff.com reports. Likewise, big travelers may be better suited toward credit options that provide for bonus miles and discounts on travel insurance.

For those who need larger credit limits, a platinum credit card could offer lower interest rates, which could reduce debt from large expenditures, according to Stuff. These credit options can also offer benefits such as free roadside assistance and concierge services.

Frequent diners and shoppers could also benefit from picking cards that compliment their expenditures and help them save on weekly outings. By choosing to save money on frequently made purchases, consumers may wish to examine their shopping habits and evaluate their credit card options.

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