Poll: Americans may not be saving more money

Though some numbers may indicate saving money is on the rise, a new poll shows a number of Americans aren’t saving more.

The recent Financial Times/Harris Poll shows that 47 percent of American respondents said the amount of their monthly income that goes into savings has stayed the same.

However, numbers released recently from the U.S. Department of Commerce’s Bureau of Economic Analysis shows the amount of money saved increased to 6.9 percent during the month of May, which is up from 5.6 percent in April.

In all, personal savings amounted to $768.8 billion in May, which is up from $608.5 billion in April.

The poll also shows that fewer Americans think the government is doing a poor job when it comes to handling the recession. In a similar poll from November of last year, 68 percent of Americans felt the government was doing a poor job, compared to 47 percent in the current poll.

Harris Interactive accounts for the decrease by attributing it to the Obama Administration taking over in January.

“But, if things don’t turn around, the U.S. bounce may not last,” Harris Interactive stated.

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