Public schools may leave youth stuck with debt

Due to the combination of student loans and credit card use, college students are at an increased risk for compiling debt at an early age. As a result, choosing an affordable school is one of the top priorities for both parents and prospective students.

In recent years, many students have turned to state universities over private institutions as they traditionally offer discounts such as in-state tuition.

However, one Pennsylvania public university leaves students with a higher amount of loan debt than the national average, The Republican Herald reports. According to recent study by the Project on Student Debt, Penn State Schuylkill students graduate with $9,000 more debt than the national average.

“Anytime a student has to borrow for their education, they’re put at a disadvantage,” Tammie Durham, director of enrollment services at Penn State Schuylkill, told the news source.

While student loans are often an unavoidable expense, by learning proper financial habits, students can successfully reduce their chances of building up debt. For example, a number of credit cards now offer rewards and savings programs specifically designed for college students.

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