Rebate credit cards may be better for travelers

Consumers could start saving money overseas by using rebate credit cards, according to a new report.

Credit companies have recently rolled out new cards, which include Capital One’s ‘Venture Card,’ Chase’s ‘Sapphire’ and AmEx’s ‘Gold Card.’

Each time consumers swipe these cards they can earn points or miles, depending on the accounts, USA Today reports. However, these miles aren’t the same as those earned through airline programs and often don’t combine with frequent flyer accounts.

The cards may only work with accounts that are co-branded with the airline, the news source says. However, the travel companies traditionally only do this with one type of credit card.

“[The cards] are not really different, and, there’s a lot of hype,” Ed Perkins of Smarter Travel told USA Today. “Even so, the cards may be good deals.”

The cards can offer some big advantages like no blackouts and seat upgrades. Thus frequent airline passengers, and those hoping to use the cards for business purposes, may find the cards to be helpful additions to their wallets.

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