Rebuilding life after a bankruptcy

When looking for debt help, some people may consider the potentially dubious option of bankruptcy.

There are, however, ways to rebuild a credit score after a bankruptcy. Steve Santiago of recently wrote in the Seattle Times that there are a number of steps consumers can take to get out from under a bankruptcy.

"Rebuilding your credit score after a bankruptcy is far from being pain-free," the article stated. "It entails making an honest assessment of the reasons you filed in the first place then taking action to establish positive lines of credit."

Along with being honest with themselves, consumers need to keep an eye on their credit reports. In order to repair their credit, consumers need to make sure to pay their bills on time and keep a low credit utilization ratio.

Once they rebuild their credit a bit, consumers may consider an auto loan, which can also help them rebuild their credit score. Having diverse sources of credit will also help improve a person’s credit score.

A recent article in USA Today noted that when trying to get out of debt, bankruptcy should be the last option for consumers. Before considering bankruptcy, consumers should consult with an attorney who has experience with it.

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