“Redemption” coming for credit card users

A new type of smart credit card that may help ease your monthly budgeting is currently undergoing trials with Citi Bank, and is set to expand next month, Wired.com reports.

The new card, named the Redemption, looks similar to many traditional credit cards, it has built-in buttons that allow payment types to be altered with every swipe.

The Redemption offers other money managing perks including, the ability to rack up points based on past purchases, as well as the ability to redeem these in-store rewards points once stockpiled.

The advantages of this new smart card include the ability to link the device to multiple accounts, allowing users to quickly switch between them. This feature offers more peace of mind to budgeting consumers, and you’ll have fewer plastic cards to carry and manage.

Manufactured by Dynamics Inc., the new card joins an earlier smart card unveiled by the company in September called the Hidden. This version adds three buttons to the interface and requires PIN number activation,- a safeguard designed to inhibit use the use of stolen cards.

Both cards are still in their trial phases, and there’s been no word yet on when they will filter down into the hands of consumers.

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